Wednesday, July 29, 2015

tiptoe fairies

Lu started singing this little song about fairies tiptoing about. She would dance around the house singing "Tiptoooooeeeee faaaaaiiiirrrriiiieesssssss!"
If you have or know small children I'm sure you can imagine.

Then one night she decided to teach me the song. I felt very special.

It came with actions.

It went something like this.

Tiptoe fairies going down by the river road.
We can't see them because they are very tiny and small and we can't see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them.
Nobody can see them. (No, I did not make a typo. This kid likes repetition.)
Nobody can see them walking right towards you

You get the drift.

I like to strum my guitar and sing songs to the girls as they go to sleep so i decided to turn Lu's ramblings  delightful lyrics into a song we could sing together.
I think she kind of likes the idea although (as you will see) she still gets a bit fed up when I don't sing it right.

And then of course, she was asking if we could record it.
Every night. For the whole week.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

luna park

One Sunday the girls and I decided to go on an adventure.
Myl works on Sundays and we had just come back from holidays.
It still felt like holidays so we decided to take advantage of $2.50 Sunday tickets and headed into the city.

It was a perfect warm winters day with a clear blue sky. It was begging to be enjoyed.

It was an evolving plan as we caught the train. I wasn't really sure where we would end up but we decided after much chatting, (A two and four year year old, you can imagine the powers of reasoning) to go and ride the ferris wheel at Luna Park.

I had not been to Luna Park since high school. My brother and I went together while our parents were at a wedding reception. It was a really fun and unforgettable night. We have a rather embarrassing roller coaster photo to prove it.

I had a lot of fun with the girls too.
They liked the lights and the ferris wheel and the strange clowns.
But no oh no they did not want to high five the strange clowns. We draw the line.

We caught the ferry there and then across to Darling Harbour for pancakes.

We probably got back a bit to late, stayed out a bit too long but we all had a tonne of fun.
It was one of those outings that just works.
Sometimes I leave the house with the girls and wish I had not stepped out of the safety of the front door.

This was not one of those times.

Monday, July 27, 2015


It's been a little dusty over here.
We've been away on camps and holidays and all over the place but now, after a crazy sore throat infection (phew!) I'm back into routine. 
Hello Term Three.
I even got up early this morning.

But I've got some lovely snaps to share with you all. We holidayed on the south coast with Myls siblings. It was all kinds of good. The fresh sea air and the mountain forest views, the tasty food, fine company and conversation. 

The girls really like their uncles and aunt. I think there is a special level of attention a small child gets from an aunt or uncle that a parent is unwilling/able to give? They were in a happy place. 

Poor little Smalls kept falling asleep late in the afternoon, usually in the car on the way back from somewhere which meant she was rather fond of partying up late in her room. Usually with strong encouragement from Lu. 
But holidays are made for late nights and later mornings, respectably timed breakfasts and lazy days. 

We found a squillion shells on the beach and spent one afternoon building beach fairy castles. 
The water was much too cold to even dip our toes in but it was lovely to sit and stare out at. 

We conquered my our fears of heights walking along twenty metre high platforms dangling out in the air and scaled a swaying tower twice that height. The girls are much braver than I am. 

We drove through the forest and kept a keen eye out for wolves. (As one does) 

We came home to the groans of Lu. She wanted to stay at our holiday house forever.