Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures to the Gap

You will rarely find our family faffing round at home on Myls day off.
We like to go on adventures.
It doesn't take much to be an adventure. Just us together, our imaginations, good food and somewhere new.

We took a day trip to Watsons Bay and had a fine time seeing the sights and tasting the local fish and chips.
It seemed the seagulls were particularly partial to a calimari ring as a few were nipped out of our hands!
The cheek!
I feel like seagulls are getting more game lately. I don't ever remember them swarming the
way they do now when I was younger. Or am I just forgetting?
We taught the girls how to shoo the gulls away and they spent some wonderful time chasing
the pesky birds.
Fun for all!

We wandered up to the lookout over the sea. There is nothing like seeing water stretched
out to the horizon. So refreshing.
We played in the park and sung in the rotunda a la Liesel and Rolf or perhaps Anna and Elsa in the ice castle. I can never be sure.

Of course the day wasn't complete with out an Ineverwanttoleavethisplace meltdown.
Goodbye is such a hard word to say.

Monday, August 25, 2014

good morning

There is something very important about starting the day well.
I'm not sure if having good mornings has become even more important
since staying at home with two little girls or whether it was always thus
but as time marches on I'm realising that myfree spirit, wandery looong
sleep in days are well and truly over.

It's Winter. Our house is not particularly well insulated. I'll be frank, it's freezing.
The last thing I want to do at 7am is remove my toasty warm body from it's doona cocoon.
But if I want to be any kind of organised it's what I need to do.

Our Summer lasted longer than average this year and I was being so super
good at waking up and exercising, eating breakfast, reading the good book
and putting on a load of laundry on the line by 10am.
I felt like super woman.
With the help of #alittletoofluffy and #shereads truth I was disciplined and active.
Trimming off the waistline and feeling so bright and happy, a glow upon my face.*
Eating a good breakfast is magic. No 11am raid of the cupboard for snacks.
Real honest hunger at lunchtime and the energy to make it and tiredness at 10am for a long nights sleep and an early wake up.
I was nicer to my girls. More lovely to my husband. I had patience with the hard things
in my day. I felt confident. I was reading God's word regularly and it was feeding my soul.
Living. The. Dream.

And then it got cold. So cold.

My discipline has gone out the window but the memory of happy days and eaten
breakfasts remains.
Each night I set my mind to getting out to pound the pavement and each morning
I look out on the rain and mist and roll over again.

Why are the things that are so good for us the hardest things to do?
Why does living in Sydney give you winter denial?

I can feel spring on the horizon. It's going to spur me on to morning wakefulness.
Will you join me?
I'm going to post a glimpse of my morning up on Instagram. It might be my face with eyes
that take way too long to open. My bowl of muslea, the mist outside my window. A small
child who has climbed into our bed way too early.
I hope it can be an encouragement if you too would like to start the day well and have a
good morning. I'd love you to do the same.

I love this quote so much. Many mornings when my feet finally hit the floor I crank around the house wishing I could go back to bed.
Finally I wake up and the day has started all wrong.
I get behind on the laundry, skip breakfast, snap at a child and end up late for whatever we have on that day.

Oh boy do I love a sleep in but this stumble sleepy cranky lady just isn't who I want to be each morning. I'd like the perky spring in my step to brighten the day and make me useful.

Use the hashtag #scarethemorning and follow along @rinny_e

Let's try it! Are you in?

*Even if it was the beetroot like glow of a woman who has just gone running.

Friday, August 22, 2014


It's been a while since her birthday but I wasn't blogging then and I only just discovered the question sheet tucked away in my journal.

So here it is, Lucy at three.
The italic is my comments.

1. Favourite colour - pink
2. Favourite toy - Queens. I'm not quite sure which toy this is...
3. Favourite fruit  - Cookies! That's not a fruit. I explain what fruit is (oh boy) Apples! 
4. Favourite thing to watch on TV - Nemo
5. Favourite food to have for lunch - Cookies! We had just baked some. 
After being told that cookies are not really a lunch food. Peanut butter sandwich.
6. Favourite thing to wear - This dress.
7. Favourite game - Hide and Seek. Piggy in the Middle.
8. Favourite snack - Wait for it... Cookies!
9. Favourite animal - Elephants and giraffes and big dada monkeys. That's what we call gorillas.
10. Favourite song - Twinkle Little Star. She thinks again. A loud song.
11. Favourite book - Laura's Star.
12. Your best friend - Toto and Fluffy and Wandy. The toys right in front of her. 
Granted they are pretty special. I try to explain that maybe her best friend might be a person. Eliza!
13. Favourite cereal - Weet Bix.
14. Favourite thing to do outside - Play on the swings.
15. Favourite thing to drink - Pink milk!
16. Favourite holiday - My favourite holiday is a camping holiday and we can sleep in a tent!
17. What do you like to take to bed? Wandy, Fluffy, Toto.
18. Favourite food for breakfast - Cookies! She thinks she's a comedian now. 
I give her the hairy eyeball. Weetbix and pancakes.
19. What would you like to have for dinner on your birthday? - An orange cake with pink and orange and it can have yellow and blue. It could be a rainbow cake! Mum, I would like a rainbow cake and it can be gooooooood to eeeeeeeeat!
Dinner! Dinner child! Do you want the whole internets thinking i feed you nothing but cake and cookies!?!? 
Breakfast foods. Too late. She's all excited. I'M ON A SAW HORSE! I WOULD LIKE TOTO
20. What would you like to be when you grow up? - A big girl. I would like to bring my school bag.
I will be even bigger. I would like to do some work. Some house work or computer work.

I'd like to add that each answer was given in a super excited high pitched voice. I'd add exclamation points each time but it gets a little silly.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

IKEA Malm Hack DIY

Ever since I saw this pin I have loved the colour combination of marigold and pink. I think a complete kitchen reno is a little far into the future for us so I had to make do with these drawers we got for the girls room. We were living in our house for about a week before our stuff arrived and I was itching to turn our hose into a home so this is one of the things I did in the evenings after the girls went to school. 

I got two sample tubs of Taubmans paint from Bunnings and it was way more than I needed for the project.

There are six drawer fronts for the two units. I ummed and ahhed about how to arrange the drawers and knew that Lu would definitely want lots of pink so settled on a 121 and 212 arrangement. 


Apparentely Lu's favourite colour is pink and Smalls' is orange. Who knew? I'm not sure what came first, the favourite colour or the chest of drawers.

I did two coats on each drawer front and it really needed the second one. I didn't worry about priming or sanding and the paint has been fine so far. (Five months on) It didn't take long to paint them and we had plenty of free floor space to let them dry. 

The colours in real life are a little less Malibu Barbie then they look here. We've also put in new curtains, new carpet and a new rod to hold the dresses. ALL THE DRESSES.

It's really nice having all the little dresses on display like that. It means Lu usually has a few wardrobe changes in the day and is seldom without one of her beauties on but it is another little bit of colour in the room. We also put the shoes lined up (ha ha) under the dresses. This provides great amusement for Smalls and lots of fun when it's time to put our shoes on and head out the door.

Do you have Malm dressers? Have you painted them or done something special? I'd love to see. How do you store beautiful little dresses?

Stay tuned for what the girls room looks like now. Once I've done the laundry and tidied the place I'll take some snaps.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

they are us

You might not have heard the news. The major news channels are only just starting to talk about it.
Normal people forced to leave their homes. Told to convert, die or leave.
Children killed. Women abused.

These are Christian people in Iraq. People who believe and trust the same God I do.
I hear stories about little children being killed and I look at my own two girls. What crime did these children commit other than to be born into homes where their parents proclaimed a particular faith that opposed the strong?

I must confess it had left me feeling rather weak. In prayer I cry out to God,
"What the heck are you doing? Don't you see this? These are your people!"

Then last weekend a great teacher of Gods word laid it all out to me. She spoke of Gods people from the beginning of time to the end. They had their ups and downs. They followed their God faithfully and betrayed him with reckless abandon. They enjoyed plenty and endured famine. They heard word from him over and over and sat in still silence.

But through all that was God, weaving his plan and loving his people. Despite their ups and downs he remained faithful. God's love did not mean their lives would be a bed of roses but that he would keep his promises. On the micro level some people lived their lives without seeing change or hearing a word but on the large scale span of time we see a wonderful and beautiful story of love.

A story that ended (or began) with God fixing the broken hearts once and for all. Jesus on the cross. The call of God willing his people back to him a roaring thundering noise with the act of one innocent, good man dying to make it so.

The story of time is not of God forgetting his people but of him calling them, always calling them back to him. Seeing them. Hearing them. Loving them. They are not forgotten.


On Sunday in church we read 1 Peter 2. It talks about Jesus as a corner stone and his followers as living stones being built into a spiritual house. Set aside and chosen to be Gods. Not just as individuals but as one big group. One family. One people.

These Christians in Iraq are not just randoms on the other side of the planet.
They are our family.
They are stones together with each other Christian across the globe.
They are us.

We must not forget them. If life were a little different we would be in the same position as they are.
They are not criminals but believers.

But if we believe that our God has poured out his love in a stronger way than in giving us a happy life here and now we need not pray only for an end to their suffering. Of course we would love for the wars to end and the persecution to cease but more than that we pray that these family members of ours would be strong.
That they would remember the God who was and is faithful. They would remember his big plan and see how it has unfolded across time. That they would find great strength when everybody would expect weakness.

Pray for these things and remember them in your hearts because these people are us, and one day we may need these things prayed for us too.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lu says - 1

Lu says some very funny things. She's so articulate and loves to talk and talk and talk. I thought I'd share some of the things she says.

They're not kissing. They're just putting their noses together.

Oh my darling where are you? 
Come to me? 
Are you scared or something? Darling!! 
    - in the bath

Talking about vegetarians.
"I don't eat meat! I think I'm a vegetarian."
"What about sausages and bacon? That's meat."
"I am not a vegetarian."

What would you like to be when you grow up?
A fire truck.
Oh you mean a fire fighter?
No, a fire truck.

We were talking about birthday suits and that when babies are born they are naked.
"That is so silly. The baby should just pop his little arm out and get some clothes and then go back in and put them on."
Fits of giggles.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the mystery scatterer

There is a little pixie in our house who likes to move things about.
Each day I tidy a different room in the house and before I know it all the drawers are open, their contents on the floor and things are not quite where I left them.

Shoes are lost without their pairs found days later lodged underneath the lounge.
Contents of the recycling bin strewn willy nilly in the linen cupboard.
Apples in our beds.
Undies in the kitchen.
Spoons and forks dispensed with abandon in the spare room.

But I know it's not a pixie. I know who the wily culprit is.
It's a little girl. A Small One.
I've seen her at it.

She attempts to lift things she hasn't a hope of lifting.
Data projectors, gas bottles, bricks.

She grabs onto precious bits of rubbish and will not let them
out of her steely one-year-old grip till they are placed in the
exact location she intends them to be placed.
To attempt is to submit yourself to a good deal of crossness.
A squeal and quite possibly a bottom plonk and head throw back manoeuvre.
It's quite a sight to behold.

But do we stop this little pixie from her cheeky game?
No of course not! It's far too cute.